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After exciting months of preparation and exciting days on site, the PUBG Global Invitational Berlin 2018 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena drew to a close on Sunday evening around 7 p.m. – in front of a full house, enthusiastic Chinese fans and a happy OMG team.

According to the statistics service Esports Charts, the streaming time over the entire 5 days of play (= 25 hours air time) was almost 430 million hours. At peak times, there were over 60 million online viewers worldwide – around 90% of them in China. If one compares the viewer peaks of the TPP match days with Wednesday and Thursday (around 15 million each) with the FPP tournaments on Saturday (40 million) and Sunday (60 million), it is suspected that the significantly higher interest in the First Person Perspective is not only related to the day of the week of the broadcast. And that the PUBG fan base in China is simply huge![youtube]https://youtu.be/PK4kY77YRU0[/youtube]